Install for Siemens

Install for Siemens

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries install for Siemens

Client Brief:

To install an Air Conditioning system that provides sufficient cooling at all times in a server room located in a commercial Siemens building.

The Accurate Response:

First of all we carried out a site survey to gather all the relevant information for us to provide our client with the various options available and advise as to the best system for the job. We recommended and installed 2 x Mitsubishi Heavy Industries under ceiling FDEN100VD indoors and 2 x FDC100VNX units outside.

Each unit will run for 120 hours then switch over to the second machine, If the temperature in the room reaches 5 degrees C above the set point, the second machine will cut in to support the first machine. If the first machine fails, the second machine will start.

We have fitted an over temperature alarm panel outside the room which gives both audible and visual alarm if the room temperature reaches 27 degrees c.