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The ACOP L8 2013, known as ‘The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems,’ applies to all UK businesses that store or use water in a way that may create an aerosol, regardless of their industry.

Non-compliance with the ACOP L8 is not an offense itself, but it can be used as evidence of failure to comply with relevant regulations in criminal proceedings.

The requirements under ACOP L8 for businesses are to:

Our Water Hygiene Service is tailored to meet your specific needs. Our Risk Assessors are competent qualified engineers with expert knowledge of domestic water systems. They possess the necessary expertise to identify conditions that may lead to a Legionella outbreak.

Water Treatment


The goal of Water Treatment is to improve water quality by reducing undesirable characteristics, making it suitable for its intended use. This involves removing or minimizing such characteristics and adding desirable substances, like corrosion inhibitors or sequestration agents, to enhance stability and efficiency.

To ensure optimal performance, a comprehensive and thorough regime with proper investment is necessary. Simple water analysis can be conducted to meet hygiene, legal, and duty of care requirements. Our skilled personnel perform these analyses, and if needed, samples are sent to a UKAS-approved independent laboratory for precise and effective treatment programs.

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Legionella bacteria, responsible for Legionnaires Disease, can thrive wherever water is present.

Compliance with Legionella control is outlined in HSG 274 and the ‘Approved Code of Practice L8 2013 – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’ (ACOP L8).

Non-compliance may be used as evidence of negligence in legal proceedings.

Our services include:


Investing in a clean and well-maintained water system from the start yields long-term benefits. With a proper servicing and maintenance regime, our engineers ensure safe and reliable performance. Pre-commission cleaning is crucial for cost-effective and future-proof systems.

Aquatech follows BSRIA application notes for pre-commissioning cleaning, the industry’s best practice standard. Our services lay the foundation for a reliable and safe system.

Remedial cleaning restores fouled systems affected by scale, corrosion, dirt, debris, or microbiological contamination to an efficient condition.

We offer comprehensive system maintenance, including regular testing and analysis, for increased efficiency and operational control.

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