Can an Air Conditioner be Used to Heat a Room?

Can an Air Conditioner be Used to Heat a Room

You may be thinking, now that winter is fast approaching, that your domestic or commercial air conditioner is just going to be forgotten about. At least until next spring or summer, when the weather is warmer again.

The reality is that many air conditioning units can also be used to heat rooms. There are air conditioning systems on the market which can keep rooms warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Many people are unaware of this fact still, and commercial air conditioning systems provide a practical, cost-effective solution for many businesses that require heating as well. How is this possible? How does a device which is built to extract hot air from a room, also provide heat?

It’s all down to the mechanics and specifications of an air conditioner unit. It’s important to understand how an HVAC unit works first of all, and how a cooling unit also provides heat.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

Air conditioning works by producing air through the vapour-compression refrigeration cycle. One chemical refrigerant (or coolant) carries cool air from one part of the system to another, and subsequently releases it. The four components of a heating and air conditioning unit are:

  1. Compressor – this squeezes the refrigerant and turns it into a high-pressure gas.
  2. Condenser Coil – this is a long-coiled tube, which is located in the external air conditioner unit. The coolant moves through it, with the heat dissipating into the environment, helped by a fan. The heat turns back into a liquid as it cools down.
  3. Expansion valve – the coolant’s pressure is lowered, returning it to a liquid state, before being pumped into the evaporator.
  4. Evaporator Coil – similarly to the condenser, the evaporator is a long-coiled tube. The coolant turns into a gas and evaporates.

The air conditioning unit works with the four steps repeated constantly. That is the same whether it is blowing cold air or hot air around a room.

How Can Air Conditioning Heat a Room?

If a combined heating and air conditioning system is being used, the above 4-step process can simply be reversed. The only thing which is required is a reversing valve, which helps to reverse the flow of thermal energy. In commercial AC-heat units, the cold air is extracted, and warm air is pumped into the room.

Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions

If you are clued into the topic of renewable energy, you may have heard of heat pumps. A heat pump air conditioning unit, at first, might seem like a product which leads to high energy usage, and large bills to pay. However, modern innovative technology means these pumps can actually provide comfortable heating, which has a comparatively lower cost than other traditional heating systems.

Businesses can end up making substantial long-term savings if they invest in high-quality, reliable commercial heating and air conditioning systems. These systems are incredibly efficient at generating heat across multiple rooms, compared to, for example, an electric heater, which will use 100% electricity and distribute the same equivalent value in hot air. Whereas an air conditioner can heat the air up in the room, as opposed to bringing warm air from outside into the room.

The most common heating and air conditioning combo units in the UK are multi-split systems. Central units only have one internal unit, whereas multi-split units have a minimum of two, so you can heat or cool multiple different rooms within a home or office to different temperatures.

These commercial heating systems allow people to control the temperature of various parts of a building, ensuring optimum comfort at all times.

When you consider that these units are powered by electricity and not gas, this makes these multi-split systems much more cost-efficient than oil boilers.

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