Cadogan Street, London

Cadogan Street, London

Client Brief:

The brief was to provide air conditioning to the master bedroom and main reception room

The Accurate Response:

We installed a Mitsubishi SEZ-KD25VA above ceiling ducted unit in loft above the master bedroom, and ducted into the room using a long linear ceiling grille.

The main reception room was a Mitsubishi SEZ-KA35VA above ceiling ducted unit located above the Kitchen ceiling ducted into the room via a wall mounted long linear bar grille.

In both the Bedroom and the Reception we installed a Mitsubishi PAR-21MAA controller. This allows versatile temperature control in each of the rooms.

Both of these indoor units were connected to a common Mitsubishi MXZ-2C52VA multi outdoor unit.

This is a heat pump system providing both heating and cooling which allows one indoor unit to be switched off whilst the other is running.